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Meal Planning 101

Ever wondered what to make for dinner, or if there was an easier way? 

Meal Planning 101.png

If you've ever wondered how to get started meal planning and prepping, this is the event for you! In 3 days, we are going to go over meal planning, shopping, equipment and organization... everything you need to prepare a weeks worth of meals in just a couple of hours.

Thursday, July 5- Selecting recipes! I'll be sharing all of the recipes I will be preparing, along with a list of the tools and things I'll be using to prepare.

Friday, July 6- Shopping! I'll be shopping for all the ingredients LIVE, sharing my shopping list, and showing you how I'm saving money on the upcoming weeks meals.

Saturday, July 7- LIVE meal prepping! Let's do it together (it's more fun that way) and get the week's meals prepared.

This is a LIVE FREE Facebook event, and you can join HERE.  Replay will be available in the Mama Loves Well Community after July 10.