Kids Driving You Insane this Summer? Here's Help!

Hey there!  It's summer!  

Did you just groan? Or maybe wince, just a little?  

I can relate!  132%, in fact.  Sometimes summer can feel endless, because the routine and many of the normal activities our kids are used to disappear.  

Summer Actvities.png

Never fear!  I recently recorded a video series filled with ideas for occupying the minds and hands of the little ones on your domicile this summer, therefore allowing us all a bit more sanity.  

Here's one of the videos in this series, where I give you the great big list of places to find FREE fun this summer in your city.

For the rest of the videos, including interviews with other moms about their favorite summertime occupiers, join our community of moms here.  See you there!



Alyssa McGrew