10 Ways to Save $10 in 20 Minutes or Less

Saving money is super important right?  I mean, who wants to do or buy something, only to find out later that they could have gotten the same thing for less.  Or, even worse, find out that there were some easy ways to save a lot of money fast that you haven't been using? I am kinda of known for being a bit frugal.  And by frugal, I might mean cheap.  But that's ok with me, because saving money on some things means that I can save or spend that money on other things.  Like the pretty yellow chair I just bought for the living room (on sale, of course!).

So I've compiled a list of 10 things that you can do to save $10.  None of them will take you more then about 20 minutes, and some will take a lot less.  You could do 3 of them in an hour, thus "paying" youself $30 for an hour's work.  Not too shabby, right?  So let's jump right in.


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10 Ways to Save $10 in 20 Minutes or Less

1. Join Ibotta

This cash-back app will give you $10 just for joining!  After that, you can save money every week on things you already buy.  Just take a photo of your receipts right from your phone and upload.  Easy!

2. Chose 1 product to DIY

Make your laundry soap, hand soap, bug spray or pretty much any other DIY Product to save big.  I save about $25 every year on hand soap alone... and it takes about 5 minutes.  You can find more ideas and recipes in this post.  Or, follow my DIY Products Pinterest Board for tons of ideas.

3. Make your own storage basket.

I love baskets for organization.  But they are so expensive!  I found this tutorial from Elizabeth Jones Designs for making baskets out of cardboard boxes, and I am smitten.  I have a whole pile of boxes waiting to be taken to the recycling center, but now I think I may keep them!  You can see the full instructions, plus a link to the tutorial for the fabric liners here.

Boxes Into Baskets

4. Stock your freezer with meat on sale.

If your family is like mine, meat is one of most expensive items on the grocery budget.  When i see meat on sale, I buy a ton.  For example, I recently bought 15 pounds of chicken breast at $1.77/lb.  Normal price is $3.29.  Savings on 15lbs- $22.80!  This doesn't take any time at all if you are already visiting the store having the sale.  But making a special stop can be totally worth it for that kind of savings!

5.  Whip up a batch of baby food.

If you have a baby and don't make your own food, you're missing some HUGE savings.  Here's my favorite idea: Pop 3 pounds of sweet potatoes ($1.98 at my local Aldi) in the microwave or oven.  Let cool, then scoop out the flesh and put in the food processor.  Add 1/4c. of water, and blend.  Add additional water as needed to achieve desired consistency.  Once pureed, scoop into muffin tins.  Freeze, then pop out and store in a ziploc bag.

When you're ready to use you can thaw the baby food overnight in the fridge, or microwave for a few seconds.  Super easy and a huge budget saver!  Cost: $1.98 (Cost of 24 jars of baby food: $24 or more!)

6. Try a few generics.

Don't be afraid of generics!  Most generics are the exact same products as their name brand counterparts.  They just appear with different packaging.  The trick to saving money with generics is finding some varieties that you really like.  With prices of store brand items ranging from 15%-50% cheaper then name brands, there are a lot of savings to be had.

Example 1: DelMonte canned green beans .89, generic .47 - Savings for 10 cans $4.20

Example 2: Cheerios 21 oz - $3.64.  Generic cheerios $1.99 - Savings for 3 boxes $4.95

You can see how quickly the savings will add up with just a few generic items!  (Prices from walmart.com)

7. Cancel Netflix f0r 30 days.

Going on vacation?  Have a busy month ahead?  Many services like Netflix have no contracts and you can cancel and restart at any time, so make that work for you!  If you know that the coming month you will not be using Netflix much, cancel it for a bit.  You'll save $10, and you can restart anytime!

8. Get an insurance quote.

You've seen the commercials, right?  Every company thinks they can save you money.  Well, that's because typically you get the biggest discounts in your first year, or after several years with the same company.  Insurance companies use these discounts to entice you to switch.  Getting a free online quote takes less then 10 minutes and can save you a bundle. It doesn't take long to switch, either.  Just make sure you are using a reputable company and getting all the coverage you need.

9. Start Meatless Mondays (or Tuesdays...).

There are so many resources for tasty meatless meals out there, and with the price of meat climbing, you can save half a fortune by eating meatless every once in a while.  We spend, on average, $4-10 per meal on meat, and that's when I prepare cheaper cuts.  We're saving money (up to $520 per year!)  by eating meatless once a week!

Our favorite meatless meal?  Sweet Potato Hash!

10. Make a grocery list.

I know it's becoming kind of cliche, but it's absolutely true.  You save money at the store when you have a list and stick to it. Also, you don't forget things and have to go back (ask me how I know that!).  I have forgotten critical things like diapers on more then one occasion.  Oops!  Talk about a waste of money when I have to buy them later at a higher price.  Having a list also helps you optimize your time in the store, and for me, time is definitely my most valuable resource.

So, there you have it.  10 easy ways to save $10 or more in 20 minutes.  I save money on Amazon too, and you can read about that in this post.  What are your favorite ideas?  Which do you already do?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment.

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