A Busy Mom's Review of Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner

My search for a carpet cleaner that really works has been long.  And frustrating.  I have made my own, using several different recipes.  I have purchased several different brands.  Nothing. Until I found my new best friend (if friends came in aerosol cans).  Meet Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner.



Before I jump into the review, I have a confession to make.  I caused this particular stain, by spilling coffee after tripping on a toy.  Several weeks ago.   Ahem.  Also, I was saving this stain until I had time to take photos for this post.  My husband actually asked me why I hadn't cleaned it yet.  So.  There you have it.

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Now that all the beans have been spilled (including the ones on my rug...  ha.  Sorry.), let's get down to the photos and results.  I know you're really here to hear about Spot Shot, not my coffee.

My Review of Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner

Here are my assembled supplies next to the coffee stain.

Spot Shop Carpet Cleaner Review

Here is the stain, up close.  It's not as glaring in the photo as it was in real life.  But there it is.

Spot Shop Carpet Cleaner Review

 Step 1.  Spray Spot Shot on stain.

Step 2. Wait 2-3 minutes.  Drink coffee while waiting (optional but tasty).  No photo here because a photo of waiting is boring.

Step 3. Scrub stain for 1 minute.

Spot Shop Carpet Cleaner Review

I use a clean, dry cloth (as pictured).  You can use a wet cloth if you want, but there's really no need.  It will just take the carpet longer to dry if you add water.

Step 4. Be grossed out by how dirty your cloth is after 1 minute.

Spot Shop Carpet Cleaner ReviewStep 5. Be amazed at how your stain disappeared in 3 minutes.  Including the waiting.

Spot Shop Carpet Cleaner Review

Step 6. Sing, dance, and drink more coffee.

Seriously, I can't believe how well this product works.  It is amazing.  I clean all the spots now, in very little time. I actually cleaned 4 more areas while I had the can of Spot Shot out this morning.  Because 4 kids (and coffee).

Spot Shot Pros:

  1. It seriously works!
  2. Is in an easy-to-use aerosol can.
  3. Smells good and not like carpet chemicals.
  4. Removes dirt, traffic pattern stains, coffee, spaghetti sauce, play-doh and more.  (ask me how I know...)

Spot Shot Cons

  1. A bit pricey.
  2. Hard to find in stores (and Amazon prices vary wildly).
  3. Didn't remove purple Kool-Aid completely.  It's the only stain that hasn't come out for me.  But it did fade it considerably.


Buy Spot Shot if you like clean carpets with very little scrubbing.  In fact, if the price on Amazon goes under $5/can again, buy 12.  That's what I'll be doing.  Because, 4 kids.

I buy Spot Shot on Amazon.  I also buy other things on Amazon.  If you want to know about these other products, check out my Top 10 Things to Buy from Amazon (the Mom Edition).  Some of them might surprise you!

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