How To Declutter Kids Artwork Without Throwing It Away: Greeting Cards

If you have kids, you probably also have kids artwork.  Piles and piles of kids artwork.  My 2-year-old can produce masterpieces unbelievably quickly.  He's also aware anytime I try to discard any of them.  Sound familiar?  Well, I'm on a mission to use that artwork in ways other then wallpapering the fridge. Kids Artwork Greeting Cards

This post is the first in a series of ideas for using up all that artwork.  I'm starting with my personal favorite- greeting cards.

kids artwork greeting cards

If you're not a crafter, you probably don't own sentiment stamps like I do.  Not to worry!  You can purchase an inexpensive set like THIS ONE (affiliate link), that you can use for everything.  There are many uses for a set like this, so you will get your money's worth for sure (just 3-4 greeting cards and you'll have saved the cost of the set).  Or, just use your handwriting to write the sentiment!  That's free and works well too.

Here are a few step by step photos of the creation of these cards.

kids artwork greeting cards

  1. Let kids create art.  This probably happens without prompting, but if you need a card for a particular event, feel free to prompt them a little.  :)

creating cards from kids art

2. Cut artwork to card size and fold.  (Hint: make sure you cut it to fit whatever envelopes you have on hand...  trust me on this.  I've learned the hard way. )

kids artwork greeting cards

3. Choose sentiment and stamp (or write) it.

4. Write your message on the inside and send card.

See?  Super easy and quick, plus you're doing something with all the paper (instead of trashing or recycling it).  I like to make several cards at once with a variety of sentiments and save them for when I need one to send.  I find that grandparents, and givers of kids gift particularly appreciate the personal touch.

Other ideas for using these cards:

  1. Send them to folks in a nursing home.  Getting mail will make their day (and yours)!
  2. Create a set of blank cards and let your kids give them as gifts (also good for the grandparents!)
  3. Donate them to any local organizations which will use handmade cards (such as shelters, foster care organizations, and churches).

What do you do with kids artwork?  Let me know in the comments!

More ideas coming in this series soon, so start saving those masterpieces!

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