How to Prepare for Selling at a Kids Consignment Sale

***Live in Indiana?  Check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post!** You know those days when you get a check in the mail?  Like, an actual check.  If the checks in the mail are bigger than the bills, that's a really good day!  Am I right?

Of course I am!  I have a knack for that.  Ok, just kidding on that one.

But I AM here to show you how to get a check in the mail, by selling your gently used stuff at a kids consignment sale.  I sell at Here We Grow Again, but available sales may vary in your region.  The process is similar for most consignment sales.  Consignment sale selling (and buying!) is a big part of my process for keeping clothes for 4 kids super affordable.  You can read about my entire process in this post, How I Clothe 4 Kids for Under $200/Year.

I have almost 300 items tagged for the upcoming sale.  It can be pretty overwhelming trying to sort, tag, and hang that many items, so I've broken down my process into steps for you.

preparing for a kids consignment saleconsignment sale selling

Consignment Sale Preparation

Step 1

Designate a "sell" box.  I have one in the laundry room all year round.  When something is getting too small for my kids, I check it over for holes and stains.  If I find holes, it goes straight in the donate or trash pile (depending on the severity and overall condition), because you can generally only sell items with no stains or holes.

If I find holes, I use my magic homemade stain remover and take care of them.   Then into the sale box it goes.

Selling kids consignment sale

Step 2

Once the sale is open for tagging, I start right away.  I take out my box(es), and sort them by size and gender.

Step 3

I enter each item in the system for tagging.  Each sale has it's own system, but they're pretty user friendly and don't take too long to use.  After I enter the entire box of items, I box it back up until a month or so before the sale.

I like to enter items by the box, because sometimes tagging will close early on popular items (like clothing) and I don't want to miss my chance!

Step 4

About 4-6 weeks before the sale, I print my tags on white cardstock.  I buy my white cardstock at Wal-Mart, and it's about $7 for 500 sheets.  Not bad!

I also buy my hangers at Wal-Mart (10 for $1).  The organizers of my sale sell them slightly cheaper, but it's 45 minutes drive to pick them up, so I stick with Wal-Mart for now.  If I lived closer, I'd definitely buy from them.

Selling kids consignment sale

Step 5

After the tags are printed, I cut them apart and sort them by size, gender, and category.  Since I sorted the same way when I tagged items, this makes it easy to match the tags to the item.

Step 6

This is my least favorite step, because it takes the longest.  Now that my tags are ready to go, it's time to hang the clothing.  At HWGA sales, everything must be on wire hangers, and pants or other multiple pieces from a set are pinned on the back with safety pins.

Be sure to check out the instructions for your particular sale before you do this!

Step 7

Attach the tags to each item.  I use this tagging gun from Amazon (affiliate link).  It's easy to use, and there is a video in the review section showing how to load it.  It also comes with 1,250 fasteners, which will last for quite a while.

To use the tagging gun, first insert the needle through a seam (usually in the left armpit) or through the tag (if you can't access the seam for some reason).

Push the tag down onto the needle (double check it's the right one!).  Press the trigger and voila!

Step 8

Stack all your tagged clothes by size and gender, then hook each stack of hangers together with a rubber band.  This will keep them together and make your check-in process MUCH easier.

Step 9

Tag all your non-clothing items.  Keep smaller items together in a box, and cover larger items to keep them clean until drop-off.

That's it!  You're ready to sell at your local kids consignment sale and get your check in the mail!

***Giveaway!! Here We Grow Again- Indy West is giving away a presale pass to one of my readers!  How fun, right?  To win, leave a comment on this post by Sept. 10, 2017**

Winner will be notified on Sept. 11.  Please confirm that you are able to attend the sale on October 3rd, 2017 in Danville, IN, or know someone who will.  Good luck!  

Have you sold at a kids consignment sale?  What was your experience like?  Let me know in the comments!

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