30 Days of Crock-Pot Cooking

30 Days of Crock-Pot Cooking

Eeek!  I committed to my crock-pot.  I mean... I've probably already done it, but this time it's official and I'm all in. What's official?

I'm not putting my Crock-pot away for 30 days.  I'm going to use it every single day.  And go live on Facebook chronicling the entire adventure for you.  In fact, I'm already 5 days in, and loving it!


Some of the recipes are new, some are old friends.

Some are desserts, some are breads.

There's lots of veggies, and healthy stuff.  Cause we're working really hard on all that.

But there's cheesecake too.

And you can get all the recipes and cook along! (if this link is broken, email me and I'll be happy to send you the pdf! alyssa (dot) mcgrew at gmail.com)

Just click here, or the image above to get the free pdf that links you to all the recipes I am using, then join me on Tuesdays at 3:30PM EST for my live review of the past week's recipes and a preview of the coming week.

30 days of crock-pot

30 days of crock-pot


Live videos are always recorded, so if you miss one, you can catch the replay on my profile, or check back here for the links.

Here's my kick-off video from Facebook. Going to play along?  I hope so!  Don't forget to grab the pdf, and let me know you're along for the fun by dropping me a comment!

Find the UPDATE Post Here!

The Crock-Pot for 30 Days in a Row?  Oh, Yeah!

The Crock-Pot for 30 Days in a Row? Oh, Yeah!

Need Some Encouragement, Mama?