Consignment Sale VS Garage Sale- Which is better?

Consignment Sale VS Garage Sale- Which is better?

Ever had a garage/yard sale and spent a frustrating weekend sitting in your driveway, earning nothing? Or maybe you have a pile of stuff to get rid of, but you’re afraid of just that?

My last sale I spent 5 full days preparing and selling and I made $17.50. Ugh. But, I have also had some very successful garage sales.

I started consigning a few years ago, and that process has had it’s own ups and downs too. So, I thought it would be fun to share my experiences and pros/cons with you!


Let’s start with Garage Sales. Full disclosure, I no longer do them. But I did, twice a year, for about 10 years. :)

Garage Sale Pros

  • Very Low Cost. Usually, some pricing stickers and maybe a newspaper ad are about the only costs involved with holding a yard sale.

  • Flexible times/dates. It’s your yard, so you can hold the sale whenever you want!

  • You keep 100% of profits.

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Garage Sale Cons

  • You lose a weekend. When I’ve held yard sales, I’ve given up the entire weekend to my sale. Monday came awfully quickly those days!

  • You’re on your own. Advertising, pricing, tagging, negotiating, making change. Usually, it’s just you to do it all.

  • For me, I’m always too tired to cook, so I deduct the cost of take out from my profits.

  • Your address, your garage contents, etc, are all on display during a garage sale.

Consignment Sale Pros

(When I discuss consignment sales, I am generally referring to sales that happen twice per year, in most cities. For example, the one I frequent is in San Antonio. If you’re in the area, check it out on Facebook HERE. If you’re not in the SA area, you can visit ConsignmentMommies for sale listings in your area).

  • Your items will sell for more. Usually, at yard sales I get $1-$2 per clothing item. At my consignment sale, I’ll probably get $2-$3 for the same item.

  • Big items sell FAST. I’ve had yard sales where no one was interested in my $50 stroller, because everyone was looking for smaller, $1 items. At consignment, the opposite is true. I’ve never brought a big item home from a sale.

  • No need to advertise. I mean, sure, tell your friends and post to Facebook. It' helps your stuff sell. But the pressure is off to get people to the sale, because the sale owners are doing that for you!

  • No weekends lost! This might be my favorite part. I enjoy volunteering for a few hours and my sale, and I usually get some nice perks for doing so (like more $$), but basically I drop and run.

  • Everything is in one place. I love to shop these sales, because I get great deals on stuff for all 4 of my kids, baby to teen.

  • The check comes in the mail. And I love getting money in the mail!


Consignment Sale Cons

  • Transporting your stuff can be a hassle. You do have to load it all up, and drop it off. Which, depending on how much you have to sell, can be a pain.

  • You don’t get to choose when the sale will be.

  • Some items may not be accepted by the sale (stained items, or those with missing pieces, for example.) However, I never really had success selling those at garage sales either.

So, whaddya think? I gotta tell you, I’ve found consigning to be way worth my time. I’ve made more money, gotten my sumer weekends back, and made some great friends in the process. I mean, check out these pics!


I consign in San Antonio. If you’re in my area, I’d love to share my sale with you (in fact, I love consigning so much now that I bought a sale! ;) Kid’s Closet Connection is held in NE San Antonio every spring and fall, and I’d love to have you there, to sell that pile of stuff you’ve been debabting what to do with! And, to save a bundle on the stuff your kiddos need… there’s always something, amiright?

You can find Kid’s Closet Connection info on our website,, and on Facebook at

Make sure you tell me you came from Mama Loves Well! I’d love to say hello personally!

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