How I Feed My Family for Under $500/month

Groceries are expensive!  Ever felt that sentiment, all the way home from the store?

Yeah.  Me too.  Other than our mortgage, groceries are the biggest line item in our monthly budget.  Which, of course, makes it a big deal.

So, after participating in a Facebook discussion about grocery budgets and relealizing this is a struggle for so many families, I decided to share how I feed my family of 6 for under $500 a month.


Yes, $500.  You heard me.  We live in a major metropolitan area, so this isn't super low grocery prices either.  It's not NYC, but it is relatable to most of you.

Ok, ready to learn more?  I'm going to go live on my Facebook profile every Wednesday in September.  I'm showing receipts, sharing recipes, giving shopping tips, and more.

Wanna join?  Chick here.  :)

Alyssa McGrew