Who Needs Some Extra Income?

Ever thought about starting a side hustle for some extra cash... but then didn't because you were afraid it would turn into one big hassle?

Me too.

Or, maybe you jumped into a side hustle and then a few months later... it was one big side HASSLE.  And you haven't made ANYTHING.

Me too.

Yep, been there done that... to all of the above.  

Ain't No Mama got time for THAT biz-nass.  Am I right?

MLW huslte event pin.jpg

So, my friend Eva Taylor and I did all the dirty work for you.  And by dirty work, I mean we failed at a whole bunch of things.

But we also suceeded at some very cool things.  And we have a TON of info to share with you.

So, we're doing this event on Facebook.  You can come in your jammies and bring ice cream.  For reals, please do.  Also, bring a notebook, because between the two of us we have tried just about everything.  Blogging (hi!), affiliate marketing, paid communities, network marketing, surveys and mystery shopping, even coaching.  

Want to know more about which ones actually make us money, and which ones were complete and utter failures?  

Ready to stop failing or failing to try, and figure out where YOUR perfect money-making fit is?  

Then you're gonna want to join us for this LIVE event (don't worry, when the event is over, I'll post the replay here).

Just click HERE, and push the "going" button to get all the notifications (and the chance to claim a free (limited spots) coaching call with me (or my friend Eva!).  Oh wait!  I wasn't supposed to spill that part yet... Just keep it between us, ok?  ;)

Alyssa McGrew