What's the Big Deal about Self Care, Anyway?

What's the Big Deal about Self Care, Anyway?

Ever found yourself just a little "over" all the hype around self care?  

Me. Freaking. Too.

It's kind of the new fad in mom-land, talking about self care.  The reality is, most of us ain't got time for that.

Or, do we?  Is self-care really all that necessary?

Well... yes.

Mama, Take Care.png

Here's why.  As Mamas, we are constantly taking care of everyone else.  I mean, duh... that's what we do, right?  It's part of the job description.  The 3am baby wake-ups, the puking toddlers, the mounds of dishes and laundry, no one even has to ask us.  We're just there.  All the time.

But we aren't superheros yet.  We do burn out, we do get stressed, and we do need the occasional hour or two of sleep.

Cause here's the rub.  We can't really be effective as moms, doing our kick-a$$ thing and keeping everyone else well, if we aren't well.  

And if we aren't doing things to keep ourselves well, our mental emotional and physical health will start sliding into the abyss... faster then the boobs slide south after nursing.  

Not even kidding.

In the last year or so I have learned a LOT about self care.  I've lost 40lbs, I go to bed early, and I make time for my favorite hobby even when I feel like I should be blogging, or working, or cleaning something.

I still have a long ways to go, but my whole family is better off for ME being better.  Because I can love them better, be more fully present, and add some joy to their day while doing so.

So, to that end... I recruited a few of my favorite peeps to help me out with my latest Facebook Live series.  The series is call "Mama, Take Care," and we're chatting about nutrition, fitness, personal development, and more this month.  In fact, our first interview with Certified Health Coach Ashley Macky is already done.  I'm going to post the replay for you below, but to catch the rest of the series, you can follow me on Facebook, or join the MLW community here (where all my past series are archived for any-time reference!)

Now, go care for thyself!  ;)



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