Public, Private, or Home? How Do I Choose?

I think one of the toughest choices a mom has to make is deciding what the best education option is for her kiddos.  

Can you relate?

We agonize over this decision for months or even years sometimes...  

And the right answer is... 

There is no one "right" answer.  What's best for your kids might be different from what's best for mine.  And, what works for your family might make mine miserable.

One of the things that I have found helpful is to hear from other moms about their decision making process, and the pros and cons that they have found with their choices.  

That's what this new series is all about!


This series kicked off live on Facebook a few weeks ago, and is still underway.  We've covered Public and Private School so far, and this week (5/22/18) we'll be talking about Homeschool.  

Here's a peek at the interview I did about Private School with Heather Carney.  If you want to catch the whole series, you watch it all in the Mama Loves Well Community, or join us live on the Mama Loves Well Facebook Page!  

See you for the rest of the series (and the new series coming soon!)!

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