5 Money-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

5 Money-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Does anything suck worse than money stress?

Well, probably. Like health issues and loosing a loved one. Those kind of things have to be at the top of the list for certain.

But money stress is just… UGH. I mean, for reals. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit in the store debating if I can afford a $5 item. Like, you know, non-essentials like toothpaste.

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Yeah. Been there. But no more! I’ve gotten really good at stretching every dollar over the years, and so I’m gonna drop some tips on you that you might not have thought about before.

I’ve also started making some extra cash, and lemme tell ya, between the two, the money stress is not a thing anymore. It’s lovely. But more on that in a bit (keep scrolling!). First, the goodies.

Tip #1- Meal Plan

By meal plan, I simply mean plan what you are gonna eat. I know it’s not rocket science, but seriously, nothing kills my budget faster than fast food trips, and impulse grocery store buys. I recently did a month-long Facebook live series about how I feed my family of 6 on under $500. I kept my receipts and came in at $497. It was sweet (and if you like, you can find it here.)1

Tip #2- Make Stuff

I’ve been making my own laundry soap for a while now. I also make hand soap, veggie cleaner, and mop solution. I save a few hundred dollars a year doing this, and the results are top notch. A quick Pinterest search will give you lotes of recipes to choose from. Pick one and give it a go! It took me about 20 minutes to make my recent back of laundry soap, it cost under $15, and it will last 5-6 months.

Not even kidding. So worth it.

Tip #3- App It Out

Ever tried cash back apps? There are a bunch out there, but Ebates, Fetch Rewards, and Ibotta are my favorites. They all work a bit differently, but basically you earn cash or gift cards for buying what you were buying anyways. I mean… duh.

Lest week I earned $3.89 buying a sleeping bag. I 100% had to buy the darn thing anyways, and that’s like a free latte or something. Score!

Tip #4- Cancel TV

Ok, so here’s the real story. We canceled TV for about 2 years. No one really missed it, but when we moved I got suckered into a TV-internet combo thingy. The reality is, I’m still paying for Hulu because everyone prefers it to the DVR and cable anyways. (Facepalm). Thankfully, it’s only a 12 month contract, and I got $300 for signing up so it’s basically a wash. But still.

I won’t make that mistage again. Give Hulu and Netflix a try for a bit and see what you think. You might find you even like it better.

Tip #5- Spend Where it Counts

There was that one time, when we thought we were doing a good thing. We bought a “smart” DVD player for $39.99 on black friday. 6 weeks later, it broke. Company replaced it. 6 months later, the second one broke. Company did NOT replace it. So, we had to buy another. Should have read reviews and spent the $100 on a decent one the first time. You feel me?


At the end of the day, there are just times when, no matter how tightly you pinch your pennies, there just isn’t enough for a vacation. Or a car. Or even toothpaste. If you’re finding yourself dreaming of Disney or guilt-free toothpaste, and you want to learn about my side gig that makes me money from home every month, let’s chat. I can definitely help.

Drop your email here and get coaching from me and my amazing team, including as much hand holding as you need. How can I promise that? I’m a busy mom too…

Because I know for a fact that there is so much amazing training for this job (that you can do from you phone), that you aren’t gonna need to squeeze my hand all that much.

Wanna take a peek? Drop your email here and I’ll connect with you soon!

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