10 More Things to Buy at IKEA for under $50

So, this funny conversation happened at my house the other day.  We were sitting on the back deck, eating fajitas, and I had just written my first post about things to buy at IKEA. As a fun conversation starter, I asked my family to guess which 10 items I had recommended.

A hilarious conversation then ensued, where every member of the family was shocked and horrified that I had forgotten to include their favorite items.  They asked me to reveal which things I had listed, but I replied, "Not yet.  You're all writing my follow up post for me!"

And that's how this post was born.  These 10 items below are the items my husband, 12 year old, and 10 year old could. not. believe. I hadn't told you about.

What to buy at IKEA
What to buy at IKEA

So, if you hate these items, it's on them.

Kidding.   I love all these items!  And I think you will too.

10 MORE Things to Buy at IKEA under $50

Light Fixtures

Lighting is WAY expensive!  When we remodeled our house, it seemed like the lighting costs jusst kept adding up.  I should have taken a drive to IKEA and saved myself some time.  We've bought a variety of lamps and lighting fixtures at IKEA over the last decade and been pretty pleased.

what to buy at IKEA

At just $19.99, this lamp would be awesome for a bedside.  There are many other, very affordable options to consider, and the selection is better in the store then online.

Kids Dishes

IKEA makes plates and dishes for kids cute and affordable!  All the plastic is BPA free, and dishwasher safe.  What's not to love about this adorable kids set for $2.99?

what to buy at IKEA

You can also get 6 packs of colorful plates, cups, bowls and toddler friendly silverware for $2.49 each!


We LOVE our IKEA bibs.  There's nothing better on spaghetti night then a bib with full sleeves.

what to buy at IKEA

Who needs about 12 of these?  You can get all 12 without going broke, as these are just $4.99, and machine washable (hang to dry).


When we moved back to the USA from our years overseas, we needed dishes.  Stat.  Paper plates only cut if for so long!  These plates are similar to my beloved CorelleWare, but just a fraction of the price at $.99 each.  We've used them now for 2 years (and 4 kids) without a single breakage.

what to buy at IKEA

There are also coordinating bowls and dessert plates.

Wind-up Flashlights

Whether you're preparing for an electrical outage, or just trying to keep your kids from using 12,534 batteries a week, these little flashlights are the real deal!  We had 3 of them overseas and I plan to replace them here on my next trip to IKEA.  The kids love them, and I love not buying new batteries every time they leave a flashlight on.

what to buy at IKEA

You usually find these in the kids section of the store, near the art supplies.  Price per light: $6.99

Rechargeable and Disposable Batteries

IKEA batteries light up my world.  Haha.  Ok, sorry.  But they are well priced and last as long as some of the famous brands, like the ones with the bunny... you know the ones.  (10-packs range from $1.99-2.99)

what to buy at IKEA

Rechargeable batteries are also a good buy at IKEA.  Ranging from $3.99-6.99/4pk, they are more affordable then anything I have seen in my local big box stores.  These will fit into your existing charger just fine, ot you can pick up an IKEA charger for $12.99.

Wrapping Paper

Fun and funky, IKEA wrapping paper is high quality stuff.  This is NOT your dollar store wrapping paper.  There's a lot on the roll (usually 13-15ft.), and the designs are widely varied.

what to buy at IKEA

Your gifts will stand out from the crowd with these designs! Prices range from .99 to 6.99 (for a 3-pack).


IKEA toys have lived in our home now for about 3 years, and I have been quite impressed with the quality.

They offer a range of wooden toys, including stacking rings, toy cars, and a full line of train tracks/trains.  They also offer plush toy sets like the one pictured below.

what to buy at IKEA

These toys make great gifts, and prices vary.  The set pictured is $7.99, while a 20-pc train and track set is $9.99.

Step Stools

We owned one of these step stools in Bulgaria, and we rebought one when we returned to the USA.  We use it all the time with a toddler in the house, but his dad and I use it too for tasks like changing light bulbs or binding things on top of the fridge.

what to buy at IKEA

This little beauty comes in 3 different finishes and is incredibly sturdy.  $19.99 each is a bargain for a solid wood step stool.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils can add up fast!   IKEA offers many options, from $4.99 for a 4pc stainless steel set (spatula, pasta server, ladle, and serving spoon) to $1.79 for a wooden spoon!  The quality on the utensils I have tried has been excellent, and I plan to buy more on my next trip.

what to buy at IKEA

So, there you have it, my second IKEA round-up.  If you live near me, the Fishers, IN (Indianapolis) store is opening any day now, so plan a trip for a weekend soon.  You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading!  If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my first things to buy at IKEA round-up post here.  Love IKEA too?  Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!


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