7 Ideas for Gifts that Grow with Baby

This post was originally published at my former site, Chaos and Comfort.  

gifts that grow with baby

Is there anything worse then giving a gift that you agonized over, drove to the store to shop for, paid for with hard-earned cash... only to find out that the baby you chose it for outgrew it like 6 seconds after Christmas?  Yes, there are worse things.  But still, we can do better this year!  Here are my top 10 ideas for gifts that grow with baby, and get plenty of use for months (or even years) to come!

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1- Puzzles

Ok, so in the beginning, it might go like this:  Baby takes out all the puzzle pieces, you put them back.  Repeat 4352 times.  But, eventually, the baby will grow up and learn to take them out and put them back, right?  This will take about a year, and thus, instant shelf life for your awesome gift!

2- Mega Blocks

It may seem like an obvious gift for a toddler, but babies love nothing more then to empty out every bag, bin, and shelf they can find.  My baby started dumping out the blocks in this bag as soon as she could sit up.  The best part is that she'll be playing with these Mega Blocks in varying ways for the next 3 years.

3- Baby Dolls

Ok, so this one might not work for the baby boys in your life.  (A stuffed dinosaur will work in those cases!)  However, is there anything cuter then a baby with a baby doll?  Ummm... NOPE.  Little girls love their babies, and a doll is a gift sure to be loved for years to come.

4- Linking Rings

We have these, and we use them for everything.  Keeping toys attached to the car seat, holding onto the pacifier during the pick-it-up-and-drop-it game, as a teething toy, and general entertainment.  My 3-year old uses them to attach toys to other toys, to pull his wagon, as spaghetti in his kitchen.  You see the point, I'm sure.   

5- Booster Seat

Over the years as a mom, I have bought 4 of these.  I have 4 kids.  My kids started using them when they were about 5 months old, and used these booster seats regularly until about age 4.  This may not be an exciting gift, but it is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  If the baby on your list is too small to notice what's in the box, then this is your ticket!

6- Musical Table

The genius of these tables is that the legs are removable.  Why is this important?  Well, it means you can remove all the legs so babies who can't yet stand can play and enjoy the lights and sound.  You can remove just 2 of the legs to tilt the table for a crawling baby.  And of course, for the newly standing baby, you use all 4 legs.  And trust me, when baby learns to stand, there will be no sitting, because standing is the coolest.  

7- Bath Toys

They might just get chewed on at first.  But babies take baths, and toddlers take bathes too.  So, as baby grows, so will their use of a good bath toy.  Throw in a soft towel and some baby wash, and you've got a great gift basket to give.  There's not really much that's cuter then a baby in a towel.

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